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My name is Jane, I am a married 40 year old female living in Essex. Although I seem all respectable and normal on the outside, in private I am a dirty, sexy and adventurous woman and I get up to lots of fun things that people would never expect.

I like going to swingers’ parties, sometimes just to relax and have a drink and other times to have fun with strangers. Sometimes I go dogging, but I just like to explore and try new things. I am unshockable.

I knew for some years that when I got aroused (which is several times a day), that my vagina has a unique and strong feminine aroma. Many men have commented on what a turn on it is for them.

So in January 2018 I started selling my used panties. I knew that many normal men love the smell of a real woman and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Pheromones are a strong part of human nature so it is a shame that for many men (and women) that it is so hard to be able to buy genuine worn knickers. I have spoken to many people who have tried to buy online and have either received nothing in return for their payment, or they have received something that just isn’t genuine.


Please, buy from me and I assure you that you will be 100% satisfied and pleased with your purchase. I always enclose a photo of me wearing the item and a little note. I hope that you will share my site with others that share your interest and that you will come back and order regularly in the future.

My knickers will be sent in plain packaging, sealed air tight and fresh. You can see what I have available on my shop page. If there is something particular you want, please contact me with details and I will tell you what the price would be. Please don’t ask to meet me to collect your items, because I respect your privacy and hope you will respect mine too.


Remember, I could be the woman next door…





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